A simple song for ma cherie

Message for the day


Ode 3

Their initial love and passion
Was not a passing fashion
Romance in CT
They trek Italy
Desire is more, not ration

A trip was made to KL
The wish not easy to sell
A hotel called Traders
We swim in our bathers
Incognito so no-one could tell

The time together is short
A future as one is sought
KL for 3 nights
We turn out the lights
Indelible memories are wrought

Shangri-la provided a court
For tennis & pleasure they fought
He won the first
But came off the worst
In pain she left him distraught

Their hugs and kisses are tender
Their love making made for each gender
Reassurance is sought
This is not for nought
Their commitment they display and render

Encouraged she opens more doors
Their caring and sharing just soars
Deep care absolves fears
The result more tears
Reassured she accepts his true moares

There is a part called fate
As we open a newly found gate
A strong guiding light
A love that binds tight
The angel does observe and sate

A desire to purchase some gifts
Gives pleasure and causes some rifts
Grey shirt and blue scarf
A dress glamorous by half
Shook’s dinner and music uplifts

Drinking wine by the glass
Crash landings are fast
Early hours we wake
To talk give and take
Discussions just last and last

As they look into next year
It seems so far and so near
A tango for 2
They both take their cue
Compromise is very very dear

Loving family we wish not to hurt
But happiness and sanity is first
Conversation is needed
Explanation seeded
Acceptance o’er time more cert

Words are expressed from the heart
To bind us while living apart
Seduced to the core
We both wish for more
As again we must unfortunately part


A woman to behold was gee
Who excelled for all to see
Humble in life
I want her my wife
A husband in waiting is dee”

An addendum of most deepest thoughts

I hope above answers your question;
No map of roads but direction;
It takes 2 to tango in dancing;
It’s called sharing, caring and thanking;
Your guidance was needed;
I accepted and heeded;
Where a need exists;
I try to assist;
I laugh at the wrong train;
As we smile in our pain;

I enjoyed our meals together;
And lifting you like a feather;
But I no longer drink;
To relax then sink;
After dinner I wished for passion;
Not restricted or limited ration;
Your hours of sleep;
I tried to keep;
I now know more;
I will try some flex not roar;

Having fun is my wish;
12 years with no dish;
No-one is perfect;
Please help me research it;

Feeling small in knowledge of the West?;
Your clearly strong but not the best;
I am weak in the East;
Second last if not least;
Please accept this humble approach;
I cannot lead but will need to be coached;

A pack promised to share;
Raw flesh showed when all bare;
Humble & gracious is not;
I was hurt when you’re overly hot;
Words that were said;
Trust sometimes misled;
Leaves questions on all;
I hit a brick wall;
I need understanding;
Not closed & demanding;
My love is expanding….please;
More caring, sharing and thanking;

I love you in mixing colour;
Or black and white…with occasionally another;
Of PD and Ipoh past life;
I wish you were in both as a wife (only word that rhymes….but it clearly goes with honeymoon);
Sharing normal daily activity;
Plus theater with some exclusivity;

At KL your kindness was clear;
I was not sure, I had some fear;
Your gracious acceptance new gifts;
My delight some future trips;
Two kisses on cheek;
Will last just a week;
Your tears were with held;
I was proud but did feld;
I choked on my drink;
Could no longer think;
I started my book;
But was only a sook;
They watched my emotion;
Overcome, consternation;
I slowly recover;
But I need a lover;

I want your desire;
So please stay on fire;
I need your touch;
Every day so much;
A pat on the bum;
Just makes me hum;
A rub of the back;
While in the sack;
I want to say more;
But will save it for yore;
Please tell me your needs;
My mind needs some leads;
I mostly live simply;
But think quite quickly;
My life is to share;
I lay it all bare”

An ode to Gee

A deep journey into past life
Some actions just got into strife
Respect and affection
Prevent insurrection
Reassurance was not always rife

A gift or two to share
It was difficult to show some care
Some history involved
That wasn’t quite told
Understanding was often too rare

But the days were sunny and blue
Our hearts shared much that was true
We walked hand in hand
O’er creek hill and land
Manarola love grew and grew

Many locals broke into smiles
As she displayed her charming wiles
Her man was so proud
As he said out aloud
This woman I would walk for miles

A lithe and senuous style
With love of passion and guile
Each night they would take
An extended sleep break
Giving pleasure in CT exile

As 10 days soon came to a close
Deep love and compassion still glows
Tough decisions to take
Complex lives to remake
The chemistry that binds grows and grows

A foundation created
Honeymoon prolongated
But emotions bereft
Email all that’s left
Assured love must be instigated

And so as they part
With sad heaving heart
The next beautiful day
A dawn break away
Love and caring he wants no restart”