♥ Accepting Heart-ache ♥ 

Feeling my heart breaking, I breathe in.
Feeling as if my heart will break in two, I breathe out.

Wanting gentle touch, I breathe in.
Wanting loving touch, I breathe out.

Feeling that no one loves me, I breathe in.
Suffering from not feeling loved, I breathe out.

Being afraid that nothing will ever change, I breathe in.
Wanting love in my life, I breathe out.

We all experience it Gee.
I experience it talking to you. 
I experience it thinking about you from a long distance away.
I experience it regularly. 
It comes in different forms and severity but I know how to read it and what’s its various messages.
It’s feelings of just wanting to be with you immediately with no consideration of anything else…

Your heart is talking to you via pangs and tigtness.  It is your guide. Keeping that feeling and emotion at the forefront of your mind will provide emotional strength. L’amour to gee