I hope above answers your question;
No map of roads but direction;
It takes 2 to tango in dancing;
It’s called sharing, caring and thanking;
Your guidance was needed;
I accepted and heeded;
Where a need exists;
I try to assist;
I laugh at the wrong train;
As we smile in our pain;

I enjoyed our meals together;
And lifting you like a feather;
But I no longer drink;
To relax then sink;
After dinner I wished for passion;
Not restricted or limited ration;
Your hours of sleep;
I tried to keep;
I now know more;
I will try some flex not roar;

Having fun is my wish;
12 years with no dish;
No-one is perfect;
Please help me research it;

Feeling small in knowledge of the West?;
Your clearly strong but not the best;
I am weak in the East;
Second last if not least;
Please accept this humble approach;
I cannot lead but will need to be coached;

A pack promised to share;
Raw flesh showed when all bare;
Humble & gracious is not;
I was hurt when you’re overly hot;
Words that were said;
Trust sometimes misled;
Leaves questions on all;
I hit a brick wall;
I need understanding;
Not closed & demanding;
My love is expanding….please;
More caring, sharing and thanking;

I love you in mixing colour;
Or black and white…with occasionally another;
Of PD and Ipoh past life;
I wish you were in both as a wife (only word that rhymes….but it clearly goes with honeymoon);
Sharing normal daily activity;
Plus theater with some exclusivity;

At KL your kindness was clear;
I was not sure, I had some fear;
Your gracious acceptance new gifts;
My delight some future trips;
Two kisses on cheek;
Will last just a week;
Your tears were with held;
I was proud but did feld;
I choked on my drink;
Could no longer think;
I started my book;
But was only a sook;
They watched my emotion;
Overcome, consternation;
I slowly recover;
But I need a lover;

I want your desire;
So please stay on fire;
I need your touch;
Every day so much;
A pat on the bum;
Just makes me hum;
A rub of the back;
While in the sack;
I want to say more;
But will save it for yore;
Please tell me your needs;
My mind needs some leads;
I mostly live simply;
But think quite quickly;
My life is to share;
I lay it all bare”