A deep journey into past life
Some actions just got into strife
Respect and affection
Prevent insurrection
Reassurance was not always rife

A gift or two to share
It was difficult to show some care
Some history involved
That wasn’t quite told
Understanding was often too rare

But the days were sunny and blue
Our hearts shared much that was true
We walked hand in hand
O’er creek hill and land
Manarola love grew and grew

Many locals broke into smiles
As she displayed her charming wiles
Her man was so proud
As he said out aloud
This woman I would walk for miles

A lithe and senuous style
With love of passion and guile
Each night they would take
An extended sleep break
Giving pleasure in CT exile

As 10 days soon came to a close
Deep love and compassion still glows
Tough decisions to take
Complex lives to remake
The chemistry that binds grows and grows

A foundation created
Honeymoon prolongated
But emotions bereft
Email all that’s left
Assured love must be instigated

And so as they part
With sad heaving heart
The next beautiful day
A dawn break away
Love and caring he wants no restart”