A sporting champion was born
Who ran dusk to dawn
She picked up a racquet
Determined to whack it
All competitors were left forlorn

A travelling bug took hold
And ticket after ticket was sold
No shores were safe
From this sprightly young waif
Many hearts were broken we’re told

This Malaysian woman called Gee
Lived a life most simple-ee
At work her success
Was always the best
Then the kids went off to uni-ee

A new house and garden was ordered
Her money was not to be hoarded
The colour was white
Nothing else quite right
Ma maison est beau and afforded

Then along came a man called Dee
Who travelled over land air and sea
She let down her guard
But for years played it hard
The result a romance in CT

Their hearts and minds combined
Both bodies were fully entwined
A kiss and a hug
We lay on a rug
Our love was shaped and in kind”